Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lucky Free Find

Things have been very heavy with schoolwork, but I knew I should not miss this story.

B was taking a long walk to get in shape, and as he was on the edge of the town he saw an orange ball on the side of the road (not in anyone's yard for this was out in the county). It looked like a perfect pumpkin from what he could see, but he figured the other side must be smashed. He checked it; there was a scuff on one side, but not even breaking the skin. We figure it must have fell off a truck and had a soft enough landing. I was thrilled for we had not yet bought a pumpkin, but I really wanted to carve one this season. As college kids, we haven't had pumpkins at this time of year since high school.

The frugal tip is not to expect to find free pumpkins this season. The important point is when you are out for a walk you might find something you did not expect. You notice certain things when you walk that you may miss when you're driving. You may find a nice hole-in-the-wall cafe, street fair, or park (we have found all of these unintentionally). So make sure to take some nice fall walks before this weather turn too bitter.

For next year, those of you that keep gardens a small pumpkin plant might be a good idea. I hear they're very easy to maintain. There would be plenty for holiday decorating without spending any money. Pumpkins are also a great holiday decoration because they do not take up room in your house the other 350 days a year you aren't using it.

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