Friday, September 19, 2008

Gone to Look for America

We got married in June.

He is student teaching this semester. That means no income until maybe January or so when he can get a job. The state of Illinois has strict laws against paying student teachers for anything. I will be student teaching in the spring. My Methods courses and observations monopolize most of my time; I work about 11 hours a week at a job I am growing to hate, but since it pays $9.85 I cannot simply quit and replace it with a minimum wage job for $7.50. He was screwed out of financial aid because of an office oversight and mine has still not come through the mail.

I hope our savings last us through the semester. I hope he is able to find work next spring that can support us.

We are young, married, in college, underpaid, overworked, over educated, in debt, and without health care. One year from now I hope we both have full-time, salaried, teaching positions, with health care.

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k. borcz said...

HUGS! You can do it, hang in there (just like the little kitten poster). In the big picture this time in your life will seem like such a blip in the span of things to come.

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